What is CrossFit 901?

CrossFit 901 is a community of fun-loving, friendly, normal people that like to stay fit. We offer pre-programmed, group fitness classes that are appropriate for all physical fitness levels in a fun, supportive environment.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is elite fitness for everyone. Whether you haven’t exercised in decades or you are already an elite athlete, our classes are tailored to your specific, individual current level of fitness.  There is no need to “get in a little better shape” before starting, a new person can, and should, start today.

Our classes and private coaching are based on the CrossFit program originally developed by legendary coach Greg Glassman after his many years of watching, working with, and coaching all types of people – from those merely interested in general fitness to elite athletes.

CrossFit workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running) executed at high intensity. The workouts themselves are completely scalable, which means that a new participant and a CrossFit veteran can complete the same workout with changes in load and intensity. CrossFit workouts will deliver phenomenal fitness in and of themselves or as a compliment to your sport-specific training regimen.

When you arrive, we already have the workout planned for you, so there’s no wandering around, wondering what to do or where to start.  We have local Memphis CrossFit trainers working out with you every workout, every step of the way.

Come in and get started today!